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His wife's vehicle was discovered in a parking lot 100 yards away from their house. Play it now! Suzanne Pearson fabricated quotes from Patricia including her claim that Patricia said, Im going to the electric chair upon her arrest because a conviction would boost Pearsons career. I believe in Patricias innocence and she deserves to be freed, at last! If Patricia drove it back from the murder scene after she shot Joann and then beat her to death, luminal would have lit up the interior. How about the two eyewitnesses that identified her alive days after her disappearance. It was Patricias hair no question. All of them returned without a DNA analysis because they contained no root material. And remnants of what look like a baby rested on the mother. Today, Patricia Lynne Rorrer resides in State Correctional Institute at Muncy, a medium and maximum security facility that has the highest rate of cancer of all prisons in Pennsylvania, according to a story from Rorrer was convicted at trial in March 1998 of kidnapping Joann Katrinak, 26, and her 3-month-old son, Alex, on Dec. 15, 1994, from their Catasauqua home, shooting Katrinak in the face, and leaving her and the child in the woods in Heidelberg Township. Andrew has not demanded this. That woman has no soul. I think shes guilty for sure. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, 'I felt different to the rest of my family - and my mum felt the same': Prince Harry opens up on his 'broken home' upbringing saying parents rowing in front of children 'is not a good idea' - but FAILS to mention William once in 90min toxic trauma chat, DONALD J TRUMP: The world has finally woken to the truth about the Wuhan virus. They depict scenes which are pure speculation or exaggeration or present scenes, which in fact were only theories mentioned at her trial. 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Any subsequent proof emerging and then revealed in a book or documentary is surely something that should be taken seriously and investigated if necessary. Search it out and check for yourself. ``Her lawyer said anything we say could be used against her,' Chambers said late Tuesday night. But none of those charges ever stuck. Not normal folks obsessed ones do. If you want to help her let her find peace by admitting her wrong and asking God for forgiveness. Susan Wright is out of prison after killing her husband in TX. With Andrew unwilling or unable to pay the going rate, likely to be thousands of pounds per week, Charles has decided to kick the Sussexes out of the five-bedroom Frogmore Cottage and offer the keys to his younger brother, who is resisting. What definition? The couple moved into Andrew's sturdy brick house at 740 Front Street in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania. Andrew Tates legal team has claimed he has a tumour as the detained influencer faces another month in a Romanian prison. Your position Ive read a lot, Im right; you disagree with me, Ill say youre a moron. Kurt Bresswein may be reached at John If you feel it so necessary to post a comment, please at least try to keep it original, because theres nothing sensible with your juvenile attempt using my words. which makes a complete nonsense of their gun theory. She had a history of violence over men, and she had access to the dump site from frequent visits. Martin Domin Editor, Mirror Fighting. View the profiles of people named Andrew Katrinak. Please refresh the page or navigate to another page on the site to be automatically logged in, Please refresh your browser to be logged in, Isabel Oakeshott terminates interview after clashing with presenter over Hancock leak. Every type of cut, bruise etc would heal perfectly in that time. After Joann Katrinak, the wife of Patricias former flame, turned up dead along with her infant son, prosecutors suspected Patricia. Thats my life.. Search by Name Search . A few fries short of a Happy Meal, that one. Patricia also pointed out that when author Tammy Mal started her research and speaking to me, she was not an advocate at all but she reversed and ended up advocating for Patricias innocence. And I can back up that claim by the fact I have read, watched and listened to all there is to know about this case. Then 31 years old, she had lived a rocky existence. For one thing, her mother never asked Sandra Ireland to hide the gun, and she retrieved it on the way home the next day she worked as a bus driver and couldnt take it with her to school. Testimony from Walter Blalock contradicted Patricias claim that she never had a gun. So whats your point (other than many people are stupid and you arent)? Patty is my cousin. Theres a similar air of confusion connected to the Scott Peterson debacle. Rorrer killed these two people in cold blood and the jury got it right! She likely SUFFOCATED him to get revenge on the babys father who was planning on leaving her. Locked up. In 1993, Katrinak married Joann Marie Katrinak and the couple had a son, Alex, the next year. That, as well as measurements of the babys head (revealing the infant to be of a more advanced age) very much suggest they were killed some considerable time after what was believed at her trial. Does it actually have to be an obligatory duty for anyone to be present at a trial before they are able to have an opinion? Taking into account various assets, Andrew's net worth is greater than $25,000 - $49,999; and makes between $50 - 59,999 a year. And Patricia wasnt all edges. I accept there are a couple of remarks which can be seen that way but they are in direct response to those whove been offensive in the first place. Or did they? Tragedy also touched Patricias life. Despite his detention, he continues to enjoy the support of his millions of online followers. Perhaps youre not aware, there was a great deal of evidence of which these documentaries made no mention, as well as misdeeds and incidents of corruption perpetrated by the cops. Patricia L. Rorrer was taken into custody from the Linwood home she shared with her boyfriend and 1-year-old daughter on June 24, 1997. He wanted to move to Colorado and she was against it.. If Patricia had injuries it wouldve only been to her hands and she wasnt questioned right away which is also the reason she took Joanne elsewhere to kill her so her body wouldnt be found for a while and she would have time to return home. They did this case on Reasonable Doubt last night. (Nope. Nope. All rights reserved. And NOBODY saw her at all? They moved into her house in Salisbury County, staying together for about two years. No charmed life. In addition to the Facebook page, there are Reddit threads on her case. How about the mix up with the hair and the fact that it was not forensically tested (outside of the one man who compared the hairs through naked eye). One on one? He said she paid her bills on time, fed his horse along with hers and comforted him when his father died in December. Exactly Thank you Kerry. Any subsequent proof emerging and then revealed in a book or documentary is surely something that should be taken seriously and investigated if necessary. Hair we go. Let her rot like she left Joan and that INNOCENT baby Alex. Saphira Wolf forgive me, but I dont have the time, or wish, to respond to idiotic comments. Prosecution leader McIntyre, when interviewed, laughingly dismissed him as a nut in an effort to trivialise Traupmans input. This time, not surprisingly, the FBI did achieve a match. Stevie J Further to my previous comment, I should add the following. Mal told Keith Morrison that Patricias dance teacher originally confirmed her alibi that she was in class on the day of the murder, then changed his mind. Anyway, there are thousands of people who differ from that belief, that is why there is so much controversy surrounding this case, and that is why there have been numerous convicted people in the past whove been exonerated on appeal. SHAME ON THEM. The Innocence Project has declined to take her case. She killed Joann, had a fair and impartial trial, so its time to get over it. You can choose on each post whether you would like it to be posted to Facebook. Joanne and Alex didnt disappear until 12/15. I would suggest you take the time to read the book or, at least watch the documentaries which STICK TO THE FACTS, and then comment. So, lets take your response one step at a time. Its never been made clear. Rest in peace Joann and Alex. 4 Matches for Andrew Katrinak . Book her. I would suggest you take the time to read the book or, at least watch the documentaries which STICK TO THE FACTS, and then comment. If I see anything that offers a differing opinion or is inaccurate, I think its entirely fair I should say my piece. Its a video on Utube Judges For Justice featuring her case. She will be in jail for the rest of her life and rightly so. Interesting points thanks for writing in (and, yikes, those poor deer that starve to death). I dont think she was ever scared until we put the cuffs on her.. I really never thought of it again.. Which explains why she made Joann kill the baby, or suffer from the environmental elements. Neighbors remember seeing her place the child on horses for short rides. The attorney, Craig Neely, also argues he has the testimony of a police officer who worked on the case to back up his claim, according to the report. Dont know from where youve got your information about this case my guess is youve been watching a lot of those documentaries which revel in showing the case in a disgracefully biased manner. Curiously after this latest test, the 39 hairs removed only 34 were accounted for what became of the absent 4 hairs? Proven in court and sentence awarded!!! It says that Andrew reported the cut phone lines and broken pad lock was reported to the police at 10:30. Oh, and she was so obsessed with him that she started dating and found herself a boyfriend that was not only younger, but much more attractive than Andy? Ballistics experts determined that a bullet removed from Joann Katrinak's body was fired from a .22-caliber pistol similar to one Rorrer owned. If you look at the crime scene picture, only parts of the mother seem preserved. Three days later, Joann had plans to pick up her mother-in-law, Veronica Katrinak, to go Christmas shopping. And about the only thing from your comment with which I can agree, is you saying thats not proof theyre right in reference to their verdict. Not gender neutral. If in the woods in a rural area, no animal, rodent or insect touched those bodies? Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Rorrer's ex-boyfriend, Andrew Katrinak, was the husband of Joann Katrinak and Alex's father. Sorry ladiesher hair was in the car and at the scene.she murdered them. Especially mice! She only spoke on the phone with him a couple of times a year; when she called that last time, she didnt even know if Andys child was a boy or a girl, and the baby was almost 4 months old. They theorize that Andrew Katrinak framed Patricia and that the hostile phone call between Patricia and Joann actually took place not on Dec. 12 as Andrew said but rather on Dec. 7. I was so excited that I called everyone, and Joanne picked up the phone and she said Andy is married, and I said I know, then she said we have a baby, and I said yea I know, then she said dont ever call here again. They returned with a guilty verdict and a sentence of two life terms. It would appear you are reading all sorts of interpretations into my comments especially that I have a fragile ego, dented by others whove responded to me! (Disclaimer: Im not a big fan of eyewitnesses who come forward years after the fact, but its possible). A Patent Pending People Search Process. In TV clips, Andrew didnt come off as anguished. I dont understand Partricias defenders pointing to Andrew with the dyed blond hair found at the car and murder scene. If you so dearly feel the need to occupy the high ground in debate or an argument, have the decency to quote accurately. However, my curiosity is piqued as to why Andrews mother didnt report the missing daughter in law, Joanne and her own grandson Alex! This weekDuke of York said he does not want to leave his mansion in the grounds of Windsor Castle despite telling friends he fears he will be unable to afford its upkeep if the King cuts his 250,000-a-year grant. Barry Grube, one of the few, if not only, police officers sympathetic to Patricias cause, noted that Andrew didnt seem particularly frantic while authorities searched desperately for his wife and son. And then in their zealous efforts to show their ire, feel the need to suggest anyone who supports her is deluded.. . Patricias defenders also say Andrew Katrinak staged the scene at his house by prying the door and cutting the phone line. They had a son, Alex Martin, in August of 1994. Quote if I had known I would get caught, I would never have brought you into this world. Pat to Nicole her daughter. so then using your contention, one who is deeply religious and sees God as being a factual figure is wrong? His wife's vehicle was discovered in a parking lot 100 yards away from their house. But to settle for just anyone being the offender offers no justice to the victims and certainly does no merit to those who are woefully lacking in ALL the details of this case, but nevertheless feel the need to vent their spleen on an innocent person. And for you to even ask why documentaries are biased, makes me wonder if you have the ability to determine fact from fiction! And in a piece of salacious testimony, Patricia Rorrers half sister, Sandra Ireland, said that in May 1995, about six months after the murder, their mother, Patricia Chambers, stopped by the house and asked her to hold onto or hide a gun, or both. The longer it took to find the bodies the easier it would be for her alibis to be believed as it wouldve been harder for people to remember if she was at a dance class etc that she regularly attended on that specific date. Several years ago, Jost's teenage son, Steven, helped Rorrer in her part-time job as a child photographer. A correction to the comment above. The difference between the cases was that the child was not injured and the individual wrote down the details of the plan in a notebook, but otherwise it seems extremely similar to me. Go somewhere else where your asserted expertise will be professionally tested and you wont be so frustrated and insulting about those who disagree (with your expertise and opinion). Just saying. They had 7 children: Eleanor Dorothy Thornberg (born Katrinak) and 6 other children. because theres money to be made from the commercials added into their show. Yeah, no. Thats all for this post. which makes a complete nonsense of their gun theory.. Andrew J Katrinak, 68. I very much doubt you are. He was born in Bethlehem son of the late Martin. Later, they both worked 12-hour graveyard shifts at a textile factory. She failed miserably to convince me, or anyone else who mattered, of her innocence. By. There is way too much doubt in this case for my comfort. Although the prosecution used it as evidence that she was trying to create a false alibi, it actually sounded more like Patricia was simply trying to nail down the facts he had already asserted to her. Rorrers filed multiple appeals over issues you raise, the latest recently and rejected. Formerly of the Phillipsburg and High Bridge areas, Rorrer was living in Linwood, North Carolina, when . No way for 4 months, that deceased baby would still be resting across the mothers chest. Pat will spend the rest of her natural life in prison where people like her belong. My husband passed away of a broken heart, Sarah OConnor said on the Montel Williams Show in 2001. Your email address will not be published. Everyone lies. A man normally wouldnt care about killing a child, but a woman normally would have some kind of abhorrence to harming an innocent child. And I have absolutely no sympathy. Discover address history, phone, age and more. Police said the couple moved in together and had a 1-year-old baby daughter. The fact that there was a broken fingernail with skin attached to it found on her clothingand wasnt Patricias. Im sorry for the distress this awful business must have caused. The Free Patricia Rorrer page responds to comments from supporters (How is this even possible that this woman is still in jail?!? Please subscribe to keep reading. Maybe then you will see the wrongful conviction! I dont even know its Christmas.. This case is not over yet more to follow only trouble is, law moves along at a pitiful pace. Youre clutching at straws Im afraid. Weak wages. Sure theres DNA, but if she truly is innocent then why not advocate to find the gun. You are correct the bodies were not there all that time, and it seems odd that they baby taken at 3 month, but when found he was 6 months according to Wrong Man. So, if you feel you have to be critical of me, you should also bear in mind those hate-mongers and perhaps have a word with them too. Theres something very important to this case that needs to be mentioned more than anything else THE GUN. All my comments have been vetted and approved by this sites organisers so how do you see yourself as the judge of whats acceptable or not? They released a poster of Joann and Alex, noting that the baby had almond-shaped blue eyes, weighed 18 pounds, and was circumcised. They retested hair from the car in 2008 with updated new technology. This article is little more than fiction. Joanne wouldnt have fought back as she was shot therefore almost immediately incapacitating her and was holding her son. Published: 20:58 EST, 3 March 2023 | Updated: 21:02 EST, 3 March 2023. At 10:30 p.m., Andrew reported his wife missing. As for the idiots who didnt think Ms. Rorrer guilty of anything more sordid than having zero taste, the simple fact(s) are that: 1) what they claim about such testing (as was done to the hair) wasexcuse me, IS wrong both due to the follow-up AFTER the mDNA test results were made only proved more concretely that Ms. Rorrer WAS the person the hair came from, 2) the inanity about thinking Andy had something to do with it (the simple fact that ALL investigations START by checking the closest, most immediate relative, i.e, a spouse), was after his being thoroughly vouched, to NOT be in ANY way involved, 3) since this case, forensic science has only improved by huge leaps, and that no one including the courts or the Innocence Project will get involved should make it VERY clear, this case is CLOSED. Out of the two hairs found in the car only one had enough root to perform a DNA match which did match but police waited to arrest Patricia until a highly advanced and accurate match could be made, which took a year. And yikes, he discovered someone had cut one of the houses phone lines and pried the hinge on the basement door. So we can just pretend that everyone is honest all of the time? Mary was born in August 1891, in Connecticut. Its totally irrelevant. Youre absolutely right!! Family members found Joanns tan Toyota sitting vacant in the parking lot of McCartys, a nearby bar. For this week, I looked into the defenders reasoning as well as Patricias whereabouts today. They would have no reason to protect Andrew and lie on her. They broke up in 1993. Microconidia DNA, as long as the strand is one inch long they can pull the DNA from that. The FBI even included a written report to that effect. In summer, after thawing, there will be small animals eating the body and even turkey vultures, but not so much in the winter. There is pendency of DNA investigation for Routier. ``Some people just don't know how to let go,' Hege said. You know whats interesting? Deal refused. Rorrer, formerly of the Phillipsburg and High Bridge areas, was living in Linwood, North Carolina,. They allege that the North Carolina resident stealthily drove 500 miles to Pennsylvania and killed out of a sense of deadly indignation. King Charles is planning to cut the Duke's annual . Pat is locked in a cage because shes an animal. Angry that Joann hung up on her, she stalked her for three days, then broke into her basement and cut the phone line, put a gun to Joanns head as she was placing Alex in the car, and forced her to drive to the rural area. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. Im quite happy to accept that ANYONE who makes a TV documentary makes it for money. A person tried in a court of law and then found guilty is not the be-all and end-all to the case. One of the hairs had magically developed root material to enable that. Dial-a-problem. Please refresh the page or navigate to another page on the site to be automatically logged inPlease refresh your browser to be logged in, Tate reportedly had medical consultation in Dubai about a serious health condition before arrest, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile, Andrew Tates team claims he has a dark spot, most likely a tumour. There was also forensic evidence, obviously planted by them crooked cops, according to defenders. Katrinak said he is waiting to hear from his 26-year-old wife,. Stop trying to prove that everyone who is prosecuted is rightfully prosecuted. Username. Prior to his incarceration, Mr Tates had a medical consultation in Dubai about a serious health condition, his team said. Patty was soooo obsessed with Andy that she moved away to North Carolina some 5 years before this happened, right? Agree with all you say but theres so much more involving incompetence, corruption, evidence tampering and then witnesses, in Rorrers favour, who were not disclosed to her defence her trial (something they were legally obliged to do). Meanwhile, the case of the missing mother and baby turned into colossal news across the U.S. and internationally. Arkansas (1) Colorado (4) Connecticut (1) Pennsylvania (2) Virginia (2) Refine Your Search Results. In North Carolina, she reportedly enjoyed some success as a horse trader, riding instructor, and rodeo competitor. This witness was never revealed to Rorrers defence. Mrs. Katrinak had been shot in the face and . Aside from the hair, there was almost zero forensic evidence. And the obvious answer is Ill tell you why (which really is common knowledge). Theodore Kohuth, the baby on top of the dead mother. Unfortunately, most people cant distinguish reality from crackpot nonsense, and theyre only more unlikely to do so, given todays social media. The evidence was all there. DNA tests showed that strands of hair at the crime scene and in Joann Katrinak's car matched Rorrer's hair. If you have ever met or been in a relationship with a narcissist, the former partner being with a more young and attractive-looking person would make them go off. Discuss and express opinion; stop short of asserting that those of the other view (that of judge and jury, at least) are ignorant of facts and wrong, and youre right, because by definition its reasonable for lay people to accept the jury verdict. What a contrived case! It could be coincidence, but I really doubt it. Its barely visible in the picture. The 36-year-old former kickboxer and his brother have been jailed in . Whether or not one believes said person has a motive, did investigators have an actual factual case or not? He was happy. Im a hunter and in the spring I have found many dead deer that died from starvation or other reasons and the bodies are untouched. "Andrew was diagnosed with a serious medical condition in December 2022 whilst he was in Dubai," his representative told The Sun Online. She didnt kill those two boys and TX knows, but they made too much noise about it, hence this is probably the real reason that Darlie hasnt been put to death 24-25 yrs later. SHE IS NOT GUILTY OF THESE CRIMES. Check Background Get Contact Info This Is Me - Edit Reputation & Background After the King told the Duke of York of planned budget cuts to royal funds, the disgraced royal has since refused to leave his 30-bedroom Royal Lodge in Windsor. Her mother, Patricia Chambers, provided day care for their baby son, Charles. Joann Katrinaks Killer Still Has Innocence Advocates(A Woman Scorned, Forensic Files). DA readily agreed they did not belong to Rorrer, was happy to admit they were never submitted for analysis. Highly charged case. Andrew currently pays a reported 250-a-week for a state-subsidised 30-room mansion complete with 98 acres of land and a swimming pool - and is not keen to leave it after 20 years. His father confirmed his alibi that they were doing construction work together, putting an addition on the house of friends Tom and Kathy Holschwander, at the time of Joanns disappearance. Well, at least you managed some sense there when you say that, especially when you take into account the amount of evidence and witnesses which were withheld from the Defence and what appears to be a clear case of evidence-tampering. Ironically its you who is basing your view on second-hand information, as you were not in court. Its an opinion learnt from a well-researched book, from documentaries which show and mention a great deal of facts and evidence which was never brought up at her trial. So you see, MY STATE OF MIND is based on factual information. ALL IT THEN BECOMES IS A SOURCE OF INACCURACIES AND SPECULATION, WHICH ONLY SERVES TO BOLSTER THOSE WITH THAT MENTALITY AND PERPETUATE THE LACK OF TRUTH. He was born in Bethlehem son of the late Martin. Well ask you to confirm this for your first post to Facebook. No show. And about the only thing from your comment with which I can agree, is you saying thats not proof theyre right in reference to their verdict. She was so obsessed with Andy that she called him non-stop, multiple times a day, right? You say by definition! Yet, you have a story like Darlie Rutier who supposedly stabbed herself seriously enough that was centimeters from her carotid artery, yet this woman is in prison still? Why? Police theorize she owned the gun, but its neither here nor there whether she used a particular gun to kill and would make sense (to a wise perp) that the gun couldnt be linked to her by past activity. DNA testing revealed the blood came from either Joann or her son. Hoist by your own petard. After a very early failed marriage, the 24-year-old Joann scored a new husband in Andrew Katrinak, 38, whom she met at a club. Keep up your delusions. A newspaper account described Patricia as a soft-spoken, demure woman who had a sweet Southern accent and wore feminine clothes in court. This was a horrible and brutal double murder and whoever did it needs to be locked up forever. He said she did own a firearm, with its serial numbers filed off. Pfeiffer and Burke claimed that police Sgt. Your comment will be posted to MailOnline as usual. Just as there is no such thing as the perfect murder, there is also no such thing as the perfect murder investigation. ``I can't believe I was alone with her,' a tearful Bruner said Tuesday evening. And when Patricia was taken into custody where they removed 39 hairs with root, and then all of a sudden after the FBI report say that the hair tested had NO ROOT ATTACHED, the hair tested had a root? Tiffany, it is amazing you have all the answers to these murders! More Local News to Love Start today for 50% off Expires 3/6/23, Kurt Bresswein | For, argued in Lehigh County Court that investigators mishandled DNA evidence, new information from the lab reports show the samples had no roots. emotional distress damages for breach of fiduciary duty california, beber conjugation spanish,